Hello Klean

Hello Klean Shower Filter

$59.00 $85.00

Shower Filter that reduces unwanted impurities in tap water.

  • Reduces +90% of chlorine as well as copper, iron, lead and more.
  • Refillable, aluminium design uses 70% less plastic than most brands.
  • Two minutes to install, no tools needed.


Remove the white + blue plugs from the Shower Filter.
Remove the shower cord from the tap.
Connect the Shower Filter onto tap.
Re-attach cord to bottom of the filter.
Run the water for 30 seconds.
For awkward spacing or taps located close to the wall (less than 2.5cm space), you'll need our Shower Adapter to lengthen the distance.

Roughly 3% of customers encounter this issue.

  • KDF 55: Reduces water-soluble metals such as lead, iron, copper, mercury, and nickel.
  • Calcium Sulphite: Reduces chlorine.
  • Granular Activated Carbon: Reduces trihalomethane (THMs) and odour.
  • Ceramic Beads: Boosts filtration.