Molton Brown

Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper Festive Bauble - 75ml

$12.00 $17.00

Piquant with curious woody notes of pink pepper, nutmeg and rich patchouli, this shower gel-filled Festive Bauble warms the senses – hang from your tree for guests to take home, or surprise loved ones by popping it into their stocking.

The Fragrance

A humid sunset simmers in a paradise of lush slopes. The warm, crushed sweet spice of jewel-like pink pepper, lively ginger and jasmine drifts over colourful rooftops. A dramatic dusk of rich patchouli, cedarwood and oakmoss deepens. Rouse your senses; entice curiosity with aromatic adventure.

Smouldering. Sultry. Stirring.