Murdock London

Murdock London Pre-Shave Oil - 50ml

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The Avalon range of Murdock London products has that fresh, citrusy smell that a lot of men – and women – love. If you’re a huge fan of this product line, gents, you should definitely try the Murdock London Pre-Shave Oil. What the delicate oil does is prep your skin for the closest shave possible. After application on your day-old beard, for example, the often itchy and stubborn whiskers will soften. This results in a straight razor or a commercial razor gliding more smoothly over the skin.

The pre-shave oil also has natural ingredients which moisturise and soothe the skin: sweet almond, orange, bergamot, and wheat germ. Available in a 100-ml. bottle, the Murdock London Pre-Shave Oil should always be part of your shaving routine. Remember that a little goes a long way, with just a couple of drops of this oil applied onto the face prior to shaving will leave you all set!