Murdock London

Murdock London Shave Cream - 200ml

$33.00 $47.00

Named after Brendan Murdock, the Murdock London Shave Cream is perhaps one of the most popular items in the product line of the same name. From a barbershop that became an instant hit with gents back in 2006, the Murdock London range of products for men are now pretty much unbeatable in the market. So, what is it specifically, about the Murdock London Shave Cream that differentiates it from all the others?

It has a fresh, distinct, citrusy Avalon scent and some of the ingredients are evening primrose, sunflower, borage, green tea, sunflower, and marshmallow. If you’re a fan of traditional shaving using a straight razor, the Murdock London Shave Cream gives you that rich, luxurious lather. Using a shaving brush, apply the shave cream onto the bearded area, massage for a bit, and then carefully use the straight or typical razor. With its beautiful packaging, tried-and-tested formula, and a good price, the Murdock London Shave Cream is a must-have for all you gents out there.