Ultrasun Pre-Sun Tan Activator - 150ml

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Enhance your natural tan safely with our Pre-Sun Tan Activator. Designed to prep the skin before sun exposure it contains a revolutionary active called Thalitan. This active stimulates melanin synthesis in the skin to increase its solar protection ability before exposure to the sun, as well as obtaining a prolonged tan following exposure. It has shown to increase the natural tanning process  as well as protecting the epidermal immune cells against harmful UV rays.

  • ACTIVES - Thalitan
  • Light-weight
  • Non-greasy
  • Sensitive
  • Vegan Friendly

For best results apply twice a day as your body moisturiser for 2 weeks before sun exposure. Continue to use as ongoing body care to prolong your natural tan.  Can be used with original Body Tan activator for maximum effects.  A must for those that love a safe radiant tan.